The snow

Jun. 26th, 2010 07:30 am
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I'm writing this on macers on the road to the snow with the scouts. I've had a really nice meal and mow we are about to get back on the bus and head off
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I'm so boooooooored!! We have been driving for ever and we still have like 100k to go. We are driving to Kathrine from Kununurra and it's like 500k or so. I'm writing some of this in the car on my iPod which is the reason for my ranting coming first not last. Any way in the last two days we have driven all up around 1000k.


14/6/10 We set of for Wolfe Creek Crater which is on the edge of the Tanimi Desert, so it's pretty flat and desolate. When we arrived after 300k to Halls Creek and then 200k on a dirt road to Wolfe Creek National Park, we set up camp and went of for a walk up the crater. Wolfe Creek Crater was formed 300,000 years ago by a 50,000 tonnes meteorite so it was pretty large. In fact it averages about 875m in diameter, 60. from rim to present crater floor. Here's a link to a photo of it

Then we went back to camp, (which I might add had nothing but a pit toilet with no toilet paper) and had tinned god know what then went more or less straight to bed after watching the stars for a short while.


15/6/10 We drove 500km to Kunnunura and had a really nice dinner.


16/6/10 Last time we are going to take down the tents! Yay! Tonight I'll be in bed, a real bed, that
I don't have to make !!!!!!! We drove another 500k today, not much happened we did though over take the same person 5 times and spot our 3rd dingo on the road.


We haven't really done much so I can probable leave it at that. Sorry for the short blog.

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I sitting cross legged on my camp chair eating a carrot, writing my LJ for the past three days* and being incredible annoyed at the campers next door playing the most irritating music I can think of at this time.


11/6/10 We packed up camp and set off across to Gibb River Rd, which is an outback dirt road with large warning sighs saying “4 wheel drives ONLY . NO caravans!”and to top it of with no food or water for miles around. Or at lest thats what its supposed to be like, but it ended up being tarmac most of the way and when it wasn't it was quite tame in fact I think butts road was far worse and we drive that one every day without the use of a 4 wheel drive. Anyway now I'm done ranting on about that I should probable start talking about what we did. We terned of the Gibb and onto a smaller and far less tame road for about 18km to the Windjana Gorge Nat Park where we made camp. Me, P&N went for a walk up the gorge we say one freshy on a bank but the water was to dirty to see very far down so we didn't see many fish or there predator. We walked next to the vast walls of rock that creatored the gorge, which where very picturesque with the sunset. N&P Mimbi Caves, Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek and Gikie Gorge (the last two I'll get to later in this blog) are all part of a huge barrier reef that form in the Devonian period, which was about 360mil years ago.


We went back to camp, had our outback diner of reheated Chinese and shortly went to bed.


12/6/10 We woke to a lovely but cold morning packed up and left for Fitzroy Crossing. We drove over dirt roads that where quite bad and had to cross to shallow creeks. I've taken a liking to Fitzroy Not so much for the landscape, shops, beaches but for the community.Most places I've been to up here the blacks haven't been in any of the shops or doing much other then sitting around looking drunk and feeling theres no future for themselves. But here There in all the shops and only a few where looking hopeless. When we went to the shop the other day we saw a local AFL team playing, with what looked like all the other kids playing on the park or with a footy. Just thinking about it in detail I feel there is a much nearer end to the problem that the other places have made me feel so totally in despair about. There is still heaps that needs to be done, but this township has made me feel slightly less despairing about it.


Anyway we made camp as usual, had dinner and went clunk.


Oh and almost completely forgot on the way from the gorge to Fitzroy Crossing,we stopped off at Tunnel Creek which as the name suggest is a creek running through a natural tunnel going for a km through the reef that I mentioned earlier. Me, P and another man called Allen walked through the pitch black tunnel. Due to the fact it was indeed a creek we had to wade through part of it at one point I was up to my belly button (I'm not shore if this was coz' I wanted to go really deep or not but hey!) There where lots of bats hanging up on the roof I would guess around 200 and they where so loud and smelly (rather like my Dad. Now I know why he calls him self Eric The Fruit Bat XP.). It was quite hard to get over the rocks at the entrance ( and coming from me thats saying something) but after that it was really easy.


13/6/10 We went to Geikie Gorge this morning and had a boat tour up the Fitzroy River. We only saw 1 freshy coz' it was cloudy so there wasn't much point for them coming up to sunbathe. The Gorge was really awesome and picturesque. I'm really tired so I want go in to much more detail.

As I said the Gorge is part of the reef to.


We are going to a crater in the middle of nowhere so I want have any way of getting to the cyber world so I want be able to blog for a few days.


I'm really sorry about the photos so I'll send a CD of them to my family.


*or at lest procrastinating about writing it


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9/6/10 We went to the Broome Museum, it was really cool they had a large piece of rock with a dinosaur footprint in it. They also had a large collection of shells from a wife of one of the pearling masters.


We then went to Matsos for lunch and had a large bowl of wedges that between all of us we only just finished.


We went to a shell shop where we got a present for Katy.


Then we went back to the camp to get ready for a swim down at cable beach. Then we set off down the beach. It was really gray and miserable and it was so cold* so we pratically had the beach all to ourselves.


We had a diner of canned beef, canned peas and corn, canned mushrooms and canned potatoes. It was very nice.




*it only got up to 30degres

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Hi all, this is my second attempt at writing this blog since my computer crashed and lost what I had been writing.


8/6/10 We went off to the post office so Nan could post of the large mountain worth of post cards we had collected over the trip. While N&P where doing that I went and had a look for a book, since I had finished the one I had in less then a week (damn I wish books lasted longer). I ended up with a book called Red Dirt Dairies I haven't read that far in but it seems good.


We then set off down (or up I don't know) to china town to go to the pearling Museum. Nan wants me to do a short report on it.


Pearl Masters arrived in the early 1870s and diving began in Roebuck Bay, quickly making Broome the pearling capital of the world.
Japanese, Chinese and Islanders were the main divers, along with some local aboriginal people. They braved drowning, the bends divers paralysis and the storms that wrack the Kimberley in the cyclone season.


When they started the only had naked diving (IE Sending indigenous down to depths of 5 meters). Then hard hat diving was invented which enabled them to go to around 60 meters deep. To keep them selfs warm they needed three pairs of thick woolen stockings, jumpers , pants and gloves, They needed the large suit over the top and the helmit as well as about 100kg of waits. When you add it all together they wore about 150kg.


After the tour we went to the beach and I had a lovely swim. Then we got out and I went on a camel ride. The camel I rode was a lot like Pally.


I hope you get a ruff idea of the pearling

Beagle Bay

Jun. 8th, 2010 10:38 am
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7/5/10 We drove a hell of a long way to look at a church at beagle bay. If you ask me it wasn't that great but Nan wants me to wright a more detailed entry on it.


Beagle Bay is famous for Sacred Heart Church which was built during the First World War. Beagle Bay was developed in the area where the Nyul Nyul people lived. It became the site of a mission for the Aboriginal people dating back to 1890. Beagle Bay is an area of many springs, so there was an abundance of water.


Work began on the church in 1915 during a time when the German Pallottine priests and brothers were confined to Beagle Bay Mission due to war-time restrictions on their movements. Every brick in the church (except for the repairs on the bell tower that fell down in 2001) was hand made with mud. They didn't have any cement or any way of bringing things from Broome except by boat so they made the church out of what they had, they collected shells from the beach and crushed them to mack lime then wet it till they had a past that they used as cement and for decoration they used mother of pearl and other shells from the beach. So now if you google image Sacred heart beagle bay you'll find some really pretty pictures of the church.

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We got up and set off down to cable beach. when we reached Cable beach we walk down to the sailing boat hire place 
they told us to come back in an hour, so guess what I did I swam! THen after a well spent hour we went and I got a sailing leoson. I really enjoyed it when we went through the surf coz' I got soaked. After an hour we left the beach and whent back to camp. I had a shower and got changed then we went to Matsos where pa went to have a beer (well 2 or 3 beers if not more) and me and nan went to an art gallerie. The gallerie was lovely it had lots of really nice modern and glass work.

Then we went to the Starlight Picture Theater which is the oldest condinually runing theater in the world . We watched Bran Nue Day which was awesome.

I'm really sorry but flickr isn't working so there want be any photos an till I get the ****** working grrrhhhhhhhhh
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4/6/10 We got up and started to pack the tents away and pack the car so we could hit the road and start the 400km drive to Broome. Not much happend till we got to Broome, when we did make it to Broome we set up the tents and I went and had a swim at the pool. After the pool we went down to cable beach where me and Pa swam till the life gourds packed up, then me and nan sat on a rock and watched the sun set. Then we went and had dinner.

Today I'm going to go for a sail in catameram a which is a small two hool sailing boat. I'll tell yous all about it when I get back.
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31/5/10 after a slow start to the day we set to the Tourist village next to Lake Argyle Which is the 8th largest man made Lake. Its so large that you need an  open sea license to boat there, coz' at some points in the lake you can't see the shore. We then went down to the dam wall. It was hard to believe that the wall was able to hold back the inland sea. Then we went down to the river side of the dam where I sat on a rock by the waters edge when I noticed a freshy about 1m away. I stayed on my rock watching the fish and the crocs ( there where three 1 by my feet the others just swimming around) until we left. And we returned to camp and that was really all.


1/6/10 I had a bit of a sore ear so we went to the doctor in Kununurra where the doctor ( who had the ultimate hippie shoes) took a look and told me that I had a outer ear infection* then we left and set off to Wyndham there wasn't really anything that interesting but I will at some stage have photos on flickr.


2/6/10 drove 600km saw some dingos, an eagle, had a picnic at a petrel station* and sat in a stinking hot car all day.


3/6/10 We went to the Mimbi caves where we went through a welcoming, climbed through 3 little caves one of which was a birthing cave I went up and sat where the women birthed (P wasn't allowed there coz' he is male). We also had damper for morning tea and talked about a large amount of stuff relating to the caves and the community.


*I thought it was a inner ear infection, but whats the difference!


*Lets just say the side of a petrel tanker has never look so wonderful.


May. 31st, 2010 10:00 pm
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30/5/10 After the usual farting around occurred  before getting up and ready then went down to the bus stop in front of the caravan park at 10am. We where tacken to the air port where we got on a little 7 person plane and becouse there was so little space I sat next to the pilot which was AWESOME coz' I got to see what he was doing. Then after 45 mins we landed on an air strip that it was estimated to $200milleon werth of diamonds*. Then we got in a bus and went up to the workers camp where we had a very nice lunch. then we got back in the bus and went to the mine which was awesome (Photos on flickr). Then we bussed out and went to a diamond gallery (flickr). Then bussed back to the airport where we were given DIAMONDS* . Got back on the plane and flew over the Bungle Bungles Which I might add were stuning(flickr) then flew back to kununurra and that is about it.

I'll wright about the today in the morning coz' I'm about to drop dead I'm so tired. 

*Granted They where half (if not more) the size of a pin head.
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I got up at about 4:30 am had backfast then retritted back to bed where I read a book. when I finally aross at around 6am I had a shower, got dressed etc. N&P* had to do some shopping so I whent to the Kununurra markets where I tried some boab tree and some boab chocolate (both very nice) then I bought a glass pendent with a three boab trees on it ( is it just me or is there pattern here) and just to brake the pattern N gave $20 more and I bought a glass of 100% natural and freshly juiced suger cane, a chane for my pendent and something I can't speak of in front of TheLancreWitch. then we went of and had lunch went back had a swim then whent for a walk.

All the photos from the tripe are on Flickr under the name of Breneta

 *Nan and Pa
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Well here we are in The NT. We arrived in Darwin at 1:30pm (Canberra time) 1pm (NT time) on Wednesday we took a taxi to a Britz hire place and hired a Toyota land cruiser with a pull out kitchen. They also gave us for the tripe a tent 3 self inflating mattress, and stuff like that.


Then we hit the road and drove ½ an hour out of Darwin to my uncle Ale's place were I ran of down to the creek in his place and had a splash around with his dog Petrel. We stayed the night and then in the morning we packed our car and set off for Victoria River Road house which is 400km from Ales place, on the way we stopped at Katherine for lunch. When we got to the road house we put the tents up and opened all the doors and windows because it was about 33 degrees and I left the fly off altogether. Then we spotted a storm cloud rolling towards us so we shout the doors of tents (in my case put the fly on). then we got in the car to get out of the rain (which for Canberra standards was very heavy indeed) and went and had dinner. When we got back Nan and Pa realized they hadn't put the windows down so they had a very wet bed to sleep on.


In the morning we set off for Kununurra. Nan suddenly remembered that we had to eat all the fruit we had bought before the border of NT and WA which meant I had to eat shit loads of fruit*.


We reached Kununurra at around 1pm (WA time) we went to the camp sight and set up the tents (remembering to close the windows this time and then we went to the visitors center. Then we went to a gallery on rainbow rock carvings were I bought a rock for my collection then we went to a fruit place were we did not buy mandarins but instead had a mango smoothie, then we went over the first dam built for the the Ord River irrigation scheme and then finally we went to another rock gallery accept this time they used zebra rock and of course I bought more rocks.


When we got back I went and had a swim in the pool and I guess thats all we've done so far.


*I never want to see a mandarin again.


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